M.S. HCI in Indiana University. UX Designer.

Mobile Data Visualization - Megaputer


Topic: <PolyAnalyst Mobile> From class rapid design and slow change. we are the winning team.

*The challenge here is to provide a design solution for a data analysis dashboard experience on a mobile device.

Team: Leslie Huang, Dipt Chaudhary, Brian O'Connor

Duration: 5 Days

My Responsibilities: Ideation, Sketching, Story Boarding, User Interface Design, Documentation


Main Features


  • Change on the go

    • The expansion of PolyAnalyst to mobile allows clients and data analysts to be more efficient and productive, especially during transit.
  • Seamless Operation

    • Our mobile-first approach to PolyAnalyst provides the clients and the data analysts the ability to operate across all platforms seamlessly.
  • Reading between the lines

    • PolyAnalyst mobile leverages natural language processing to pull keywords from change requests and make suggestions to the data analyst for what to edit.

  • Interactive Visualizations

    • Drill down, filter and make change requests by interaction with the visualizations on the device. Easy and intuitive.

The Case for PolyAnalyst Mobile


Solution in Action


Companies Offering Mobile Base Solutions


Future Strategy